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How creative can you be?

A recent survey of employers found that when it comes to recruiting young people, they value creativity and adaptability above paper qualifications. The Common European Framework for education outlines competences, rather than the knowledge as the aim of education. It’s not so important what you know, but rather what you can do, so we have a duty to ensure our students practice the sorts of skills they’ll be needing in the future as well as teaching them a language.

One thing we can do is to ask them to think on their feet in short writing tasks such as those below. You could choose a title for them to write on in class perhaps once a week.

You have 10mins to write a CREATIVE, IMAGINATIVE and INTERESTING response to the following.

Invent a new season. Give it a name and describe it.

Invent a brand new mode of transport and describe how it works.

If flowers could talk, what would they say?

Design the perfect superhero.

How would a rainbow feel if you could touch it?

Invent a new food and describe how it tastes.

Invent a new sport and explain how to play it.

Invent a new fish and describe it.

You step off a bus in the year 2933. Describe what you see.

Describe where you feel safest.

Invent a new item of clothing and explain how to wear it.

Invent a new medicine, what does it cure and how?

How will the world end?

You have discovered a new country. What is it like?

When socks disappear, where do they go?

Invent a new job. What do you have to do and why?

If rain was a person, what sort of person would it be?

What does happiness feel like?

Choose any two items (not people) in the room and write a conversation between them.

Invent a new drink and describe how it tastes.