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Question of the Month

Complete the sentence: EDUCATION IS...                                                                                  April ´13


What English word spellings do your students have the most difficulty with? Do you think it would be a good idea to simplify English spelling?                                                                                  August ´12


Do you think computers should replace pen and paper in exams?                                                                                  June ´11


How has technology helped you in the classroom?                                                                                  April ´11


What was special about your favourite teacher when you were at school?                                                                                  March ´11


How do you help students with listening skills?                                                                                                  February ´11


How do you deal with disruptive students?                                                  January ´11


What is the most common pronunciation error your students make when speaking English?                                                                                December ´10


Is the best teacher the one with the most qualifications?                                                                                November ´10


How do you normally start a lesson?                                                       October ´10


What advice would you give to a new teacher?                                                       September ´10


What makes you most annoyed when you are in the classroom?                                                       August ´10


Is e-learning increasing the pupils´ learning curve in the classroom?                                                                    November ´09


Is it possible to have a lesson with a junior class, only by speaking in English?                                     September ´09


Are native speakers better teachers than non native ones?                                                                August ´09